You'll find examples of both my art and my fiction-writing here. I'm another of those multi-driven people. In fact, it's not as unusual as you might think, but it does make for some serious scheduling problems at times. Check out both my ART and WRITING blogs. I try to keep them reasonably up-to-date but my pursuits are apparently seasonal, so one of them always falls behind.  



What is Naïve Art?

Naïve art reminds its audience of the innocence they experienced in childhood. It takes  scenes of everyday life, scenes that we can relate to, and lightens them up with bright colors, impressionist brushstrokes, exaggerated proportions and a bit of FUN. Simply put - Naïve Art makes people HAPPY. It often adds another element: humour. Look closely at any Naïve picture, no matter in which country it was created, and there is a good chance you will smile, chuckle or even let out a laugh.


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"Country Antique Store" 


(16 x 12 inches)

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas








(16 x 12 inches)

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas



Custom version available.





 Made to Order


"The Quilt Sale"

Send me your name choice, and I'll personalize a new version of this earlier quilt painting -- "Amy Smith's Quilt Sale", for instance.  Attach a picture of your house, a pet or two. and I'll incorporate them, too. You will love it forever.

Price depends on size of canvas. 16 x 12 starts at AUD350, includng shipping.


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