Uncharacteristic Behaviour

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Synopsis – Uncharacteristic Behaviour


Romance Writer Jo Boden is overjoyed when she is able to buy her first home from the advance for her second book (and the generosity of her father), but she soon learns that her street of small 70s row houses was the result of the demolition of several beautiful Victorian homes in a redevelopment which caused huge public outcry and boisterous demonstrations.


The local legend is that one young activist, Terry Campbell, who, it’s said, had fallen in love with the developer’s son, disappeared at that time, and was ‘eliminated’ because of her aggressive public stand. Jo is determined to get to the truth, although her writing suffers as a result, taking on a dark and brooding tone that she can’t seem to control.


It also seems that she is in danger herself, with the brother of Terry’s lover behaving in a threatening way in his efforts to stop her prying into his family’s affairs. When human remains are discovered in her own garden (does this explain why nothing would grow there?), Jo is devastated and she considers selling her house. But if it is the missing Terry, how can Jo turn her back on her now?